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About Charity

Charity is an adopted stray cat who wears a tuxedo. Like all cats, he regards everything with a refined sense of dignity. Yet he still scavenges for good food, or at least a good cheezburger goddammit, and usually all sense of dignity is forgotten. As a former alley cat, Charity has NEVER taken food for granted. Most of those "house cats" have never seen what Hungry really is. If left to his own devices, Charity would eat until he pukes.

Charity has a sneaky saunter. He walks as though on tip-toe, and as if his shoulders aren't really attached to his body. He could very likely get through small spaces just as easily as he could slip through a closing door (very easily). His biggest weakness would be heights. Although he's gotten quite apt at climbing up and down ladders, he still needs to work on the whole landing-on-his-feet trick that all cats are supposed to have. He wasted 1 of his 9 lives when he jumped off the 2nd-floor balcony that one time.

When Charity wants something, he really wants it. He would meow and cry like a kitten until he gets it. He'll open a closed door, figure out a way to knock over a trash can, or to sit down on command if he has to. Charity is a serious kitty. He is too jaded to be offended by things such as being thrown or accidentally kicked. He doesn't purr. He doesn't play. He's safe now. But he can't let go of how life was like before he met us. And he really, really does not want to go back to that.


Charity's Roommate and Archnemesis

Puck is my boyfriend's cat. He was a slighly sick kitten that Boyfriend rescued from the shelter. From the very beginning, Puck was a skittish little fella who had the tendency to flee through any opening door. Unlike Charity, who had to endure the hardships of living in the streets, Puck lived a life of a spoiled little prince. They are the same age, but Puck has a few pounds over Charity. Puck is well-fed, healthy, and spends most of his days playing around. Boredom is probably the worst thing he's suffered from. On the other hand, Charity spent his days losing fights to hunting dogs, bigger cats, and hunger.

Puck is a good cat. Puck never had to standoff another cat for a scrap of meat. So he grazes on his food throughout the day. He respects the boundaries of human food. He eats like a human, bringing the food from his paw to his mouth like using hands. Charity's territorialism over food greatly confused Puck. He cowered and backed off at first, allowing himself to be persistently bullied by the smaller cat. Until one day it dawned on Puck that he was the bigger cat here. So Puck took a stand and stood up for himself. The other cat backed off. We were proud.

Puck Charity
Fears Open Sky Enclosed Spaces
Wants To Play, Someone to play with Food, Shelter, Love
Likes Bugs, Grass, Toys, Playfighting, Being inside boxes and bags Milk, Getting petted on the head, Sleeping with humans

We live on the second floor, which has a balcony with a vertical ladder leading down to the backyard below. Puck chases bugs, purrs, and meows at the things below. Puck has yet to pluck up the courage or skill to climb down the ladder. He is perfectly content to be Rapunzel, stuck at the top of his tower where it's safe. When we let him play on the balcony, he hangs out there. When we turn Charity out (he never willingly goes), Charity doesn't waste any time fooling around. He climbs down the ladder and returns at a later time.

Puck has grown increasingly fond of Charity. He realizes now that he is actually not a human; he is a cat like Charity. Their animosity is now very one-sided. Puck has extended the paw of friendship, but Charity hestitates... Charity is genuinely confused by Puck's attempts at playfighting, licking, and sleeping together. Puck is probably the only cat who has ever been nice to Charity.

Charity's "Family"?

Charity has a black mark on his back left leg. It is nearly idential to my neighbor's tuxedo cat named Oreo. He has a Hitler mustache, and could be Charity's brother or sister.

Charity Oreo

There is a grumpy cat in the neighborhood who kinda looks like Charity. This cat looks similar to her human. She could be Charity's mom.

There is a mysterious black cat who always stands off in the distance, or crosses our path. No clue about this one. There might be more than one.

Other Cats in my Life

Migsy and Charlie

These are my former roommate's cats

Boots and Callie

As a teenager, I cat-sitted for my neighbors. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures.

Things Charity Can Do

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