Chicken Soup


October 26, 2010



1. Start with 2 pots, one is going to be the veggie pot and the other is the chicken pot
2. Make lots and lots of rice (or noodles)
3. Turn up the temperature of the veggie pot, doesn't matter how high, just as long as its not boiling (yet)
4. Add dash of salt, dash of sugar, and a small bouillon cube (~1 cm3)
5. Add spinach
6. Get a carrot
7. Kill it
8. Get green onions
9. Kill them
10. Get celery
11. Chop it
12. Get a tomato
13. Slice it
14. Kill it
15. Dice it
16. This picture has better lighting
17. Just keep dicing it. Go nuts.
18. Everyone - into the pot! With everyone in the hot tub, turn it to boiling.
19. Meanwhile, take a look at the meat pot next door... Add some salt
20. You can add any type of salt here (garlic, seasoning, etc), really, just as long as it's salty. Go crazy with the amount of salt you want. The water is not going to be part of the soup.
21. You can cut up your chicken or leave it whole. The little bits cook quicker, of course.

Add the chicken to the meat pot.

Boil the chicken until it's ready (no pink).
22. Then toss out the saltwater from the meat pot, and add the chicken to the veggie pot
23. Here's a close-up picture of the chicken in the veggie pot
24. Finally, put the rice or noodles in a bowl with the contents of your veggie pot. Tada! Chicken soup by Kim

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