This section would be for short stories... But I haven't written any (yet). I'm working on 2 novel-length stories. You can read about them here, but I won't be posting them directly.

Clone Child

This is a futuristic story about clones that I began in 2009. I plan to publish a Young Adult book on this one by the end of 2012.


(JAM is a tentative name based on the initials of the main character, until I can think of a better one. )

This is a fantasy story about destiny, mystical creatures, and friendship. It was born in 2003, and abandoned a few years later when somebody stole my USB drive and all 6 chapters and notes were lost. I blame myself for not backing up. But not blaming the thief did not stop me from losing the heart to start all over again. So I'm leaving this one on the back burner. It might become a music album instead.

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