How to Take up Jeans / Pants


Another pair of jeans with thread that nearly matches
1. Measure twice, cut once
2. Prepare your sewing machine
3. Fold along the dotted line and safety pin it
4. Place under needle, one layer at a time (or else you'll end up sewing the entire leg shut
5. Press the presser foot down onto the feed dogs
6. Loop it around the base
7. ACTION! Press the foot pedal with your foot
8. Once you've made an entire circle
9. Pull out the jeans
10. Cut the excess thread
11. The side on top has the blue thread of the spool
12. The side on bottom has the white thread of the bobbin
13. Take any last threads and tie them in a knot
14. Cut off the excess thread from the jeans
15. Finished Jeans that Match My Height

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